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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This prayer is for YOU.

Yes, you read the title correctly. This prayer is for you. This prayer in my heart that I've been holding close in contemplation...I realized it is for you. Yes you who are reading this. You, who were tagged in the sharing of this blog. You, who some loved one believed really needed a prayer right now. You, who stumbled upon this page wishing someone had cared enough to tag you. You, who wonder if anyone has noticed the quiet sadness in your eyes. You, who thinks a prayer couldn't save you.

This prayer is for YOU. Yes you, who is completely content with your life right now. You, who thinks it couldn't get any better. You, who can't wait to get to work or come home or hang out with your in-laws. You, who sings while you do the dishes and offers to put the kids to bed. 

This prayer is for YOU. You, who dreams of a day when someone will love you enough to promise you in-laws. You, who sits in the bathroom wondering through tears if your marriage will last another year. You, who never thinks your marriage will become like "those people". You, who believes love is out there and you've almost found it. 

This prayer is for YOU. You, who can't even find the nerve to anonymously post the need in your heart for this prayer. You, who doesn't believe you are worth the breath in my lungs. You, who wishes someone would remind you that you are. 

This prayer is for YOU. You, who pray night and day and night again for the pink line to appear. You, who is holding your breath until you are sure the test is negative. You, who secretly feels disappointment when no line comes. 

This prayer is for YOU. You, who can't stop weeping as you hold on to the teddy bear that still smells like him. You, who can't bear to have another child without her there by your side. You, who don't think life will be able to carry on tomorrow without that incredible presence that has fled your life. 

This prayer is for YOU. You, who doesn't remember the last day you lived without pain. You, who remembers and keeps begging for those days to come back. You, who doesn't think it's enough to complain over. You, who just got your test results. You, who are still waiting. 

This prayer is for YOU. You, who counts pennies and cuts coupons and still wonders how you'll eat. You, who is working two jobs and taking classes on nights and weekends. You, who posts questions on webmd since you can't afford a doctor. 

This prayer is for YOU. You, who is satisfied with where you are right now. You, who feels like you should give your prayer to someone more in need. You, who is questioning if you do enough for others now. 

This prayer is for YOU. You, who isn't even catholic. You, who is kind of offended that Catholic wasn't capitalized just then. You who believes God is one of many. You, who believes God is a woman. You, who believes God is our imagination. You, who doesn't have a clue. You, who has more important things to worry about. 

This prayer is for YOU. I will be praying it, from my heart to God's ears for your situation. Whether it be good or bad, blessed or desperate, a desire or a need. I require nothing of you...this isn't about me. This is about knowing someone is in your corner. Knowing that you are not alone. Knowing that somewhere near, somewhere far, someone close to you or a complete stranger is taking a moment to...Hope with you. Dream with you. Beg with you. Cry with you. Doubt with you. Keep faith with you. Love with you. Love you. 

This is not an empty promise. This is a sincere offer. This prayer...it's for you. 

Please feel free to share this prayer with anyone else you think needs it. I will be happy to give it again and again. God bless. 


  1. I just said one for YOU. I LOVE YOU!! THANK YOU for this. I know quite a few people who need this. Xoxo

    1. Why thank you! I appreciate the prayer, always.