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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Joyous Announcement!

As a Catholic, I have heard many couples vent about the frustration of trying to announce a pregnancy and receiving less than enthusiastic responses by their loved ones. It seems that after three children (or when two pregnancies seem very close to one another) people tend to start the N.O.P.E.s (nosey, offensive pregnancy examination). Questions/statements that fall into this category include:
  • Do you know how to use a condom?
  • You know how those are made right?
  • Was this planned?
  • Are congratulations or condolences in order?
  • Apparently NFP isn't as practical as you thought!
  • Are you finally going to start using birth control?
  • You must be crazy!
  • Your hands are going to be full!
I'm sure my fellow Catholics will post many more possible NOPE's in the comments. While these statements may be offered with a light-hearted or good-willed intention, they also sadly cause couples to stress and cringe over the process of sharing what should be considered joyous news! 

For those couples out there looking for a pregnancy announcement that shares their joy while also--gently--reminding the recipients to respond in a positive manner, I have written the poem below. Please feel free to share it, along with a photo of your new little blessing, to offer your wonderful news to the world! God bless you and your growing family.

A Joyous Announcement
Congratulations are in order!
For a gift is in the making.
Something priceless, something special,
From God's bounty we're partaking.

Whether boy or maybe girl,
We will love this bun a'baking!
So please offer prayers and blessings
For our gift that's in the making.

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