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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Unexpected Love

A friend asked the other day what kind of gift you give to a couple that wasn't exactly...expecting another child. My heart went out for her expecting friend. As a Catholic, it can be difficult to trust in God fully when you realize that His plans and yours don't seem to be matching up. I suggested a gift of reminder, to help them realize the gift God must see them as to offer them as parents to such a precious little soul. Do you know anyone who could use this poem? Feel free to frame it as a gift, share it on your newsfeed, or even read it to yourself to remember why God has given such a gift to such a beautiful person. 

Little Love Waiting

The day my Father chose me

I giggled with delight!

"Your family will be loving,

They'll be warm and filled with light."

I smiled and I laughed.

I wondered how I'd feel

Cuddled right next to your heart,

Oh to know your love was real!

Then my Father came in closer

Whispered softly in my ear,

"One more thing though, it's a secret

They don't know yet you'll be here."

"Why not tell them that I'm coming?"

I asked gently with concern. 

Then He answered like a teacher,

"There is something they will learn.

Learn to trust Me, learn of faith,

That I am still in control,

And that I'll be with them and with you.

That always is My goal."

So I'm growing now and waiting

For a chance to see your face

As the parents God chose for me

In His ever present grace.